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Japan Banner Exchange

The Japan Banner Exchange is a free banner advertising service with two aims: directing online traffic to your website and increasing the visibility of Japan-related internet resources.

Over 77 million impressions served!

Join the Japan Banner Exchange!

You can join in two ways:

  • as an exchange user: it is as easy as signing up, uploading your banner, and then placing the banner code on your website. You will start earning banner impressions from other Japan-related websites right away by displaying the banners of other members.

    Web traffic to your website will increase and generate more active members. The amount of free advertising you receive from the Japan Banner Exchange (JBE) is directly proportional to the amount you give to others.

    Every time a page with the banner code is displayed on your website you earn a credit for your banner to display within the JBE network, and you will gain extra credits every time one of our banners is clicked on your website.

    Place our code in a prominent position on your pages to maximise the display-to-click ratio and gain more impressions of your banner. Placement on your index page is advised.

  • as an advertiser: simply purchase impressions, in case you can not or do not want to add the Japan Banner Exchange codes to your website. You can buy impressions for as little as 1,000 JPY. If you intend to have a sale and want to boost your advertising, you can buy 5,000 impressions for just 1,000 JPY or 10,000 impressions for 1,800 JPY.


What we offer:

  • 100% FREE banner exchange service
  • 5,000 FREE impressions on signup
  • 5,000 FREE impressions if you refer a new member
  • Receive 5% of the impressions sent by users you refer
  • Alt tag for banners
  • Banners are stored on our servers (to help you preserve your server bandwidth)
  • Detailed statistics for each day and month
  • Users can stop to show their banners to save impressions for a more intensive campaign
  • Password recovery tool
  • Sliding Ratio Scale up to 1:1 ratio

    < 0.1080%
    0.10 - 0.2085%
    0.20 - 0.3090%
    0.30 - 0.4095%
    > 0.4099%

    For example: users with a CTR on their pages of less than 0.10% get 80 impressions of their ads for 100 impressions sent; users with a CTR above 0.40% get 100 impressions for 100 impressions sent.

  • Banner sizes: Full Banner (468x60), Half Banner (234x60), 120x120
  • Supported banner formats : classic banners (jpg, gif, png) and Flash (swf) banners.

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